Benefits of Renting a Stretch Limo are Not Just for The Rich

A stretch limo presents the appearance of style, glamor, sophistication, comfort and luxury. While most people can’t afford to personally own a limo, a limousine service can provide a limo rental for special occasions with just a simple phone call.

There are many benefits to renting a limo, including just sitting back and enjoying the ride while a professional chauffeur drives you around town, adding an impressive touch and the sought-after “wow” factor to your special event. Renting a stretch limo is a perfect way to celebrate any special occasions, like a prom, wedding, business trip, corporate events and picking up VIPs at the airport, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties and for that magical third date, just make sure the privacy glass is well tinted.

In short, practically any special occasion is a great reason to rent a stretch limo, and with an increasing number of companies offering limousine rentals it is easy to rent a limo for your event, and without going bankrupt in the process. Limousine rental rates can vary widely based on several factors, including your location, the time the car is rented for, the style and size of the vehicle and accouterments. For example, a full-size stretch Hummer limousine with TV, stereo, catered food and a wet bar will cost significantly more than just a simple limousine for a ride to the high-school prom.

Holiday periods, such as Valentine’s Day and News Years Eve, and prom season are a busy time for limousine companies, so expect rates to be somewhat more expensive during these periods. On the other hand, the more common a rental limousine service is in a given area, such as larger cites, the cheaper the rental rates will be due to competition. However, most rental companies will have various style vehicles available that will fit most budgets. Also, most limo companies will take reservations months in advance, so it is wise to book ahead if you wish to rent a limousine during a busy season.